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METWELL automation equipment (Tianjin) Co。, Ltd is a comprehensive enterprise integrating research and development, production, sales and service as one of the。 The company introduces foreign advanced research and development concept and production technology, and bona's excellent quality and perfect service。 Labeling machine, filling machine, rotary machine, R & D and production of cap sealing machine, coding machine, conveyor, filling production lines and other products, widely used in medicine, food, oil, chemical, pesticide, electronics, sports and other industries。 The company is based in Beijing, Tianjin and the country, and its products are exported to the European Union, the Middle East, the Far East, the East (South) Asia, South America, Africa and other more than 70 countries and regions worldwide。 The company mainly design and production technical personnel, with more than fifteen years of experience, the production of equipment in the packaging machinery industry is in the high-end level, peer and users in the same received praise and recognition。

METWELL with excellent research and development team, first-class technology, advanced production equipment, excellent management, excellent product quality, perfect customer service service by the new and old customers trust and support, enjoys a high reputation and reputation in the same industry. The company produces many types of machinery and equipment, complete specifications, reliable performance, wide compatibility, high performance price ratio. And according to the special needs of users and product differentiation and design custom-made reasonable and feasible special equipment.

METWELLGranville product quality as the lifeline of the enterprise, establish a strict quality assurance management system. Take the customer's values as the guidance, take the customer satisfaction as the goal, the comprehensive construction, the management and the development company.

METWELL advocates "scientific, positive, diligent, harmonious" spirit of enterprise.

METWELL"leading quality, reputation first, service first" and "three first" purpose. Dedicated to provide our customers with quality products and perfect service, to meet the needs of customers.

Welcome new and old customers to visit our friends, and discuss cooperation.

Address:中国 天津市 天津市武清区京滨工业园京滨大道6号(景军工业园6号厂房)
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